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Decorative Shape

Imagine being able to unite the peace and well-being you experience on your yoga mat

with your true-self and every aspect of your life.

I know you can!

And I would love to show you how.

Decorative Shape


"Marcela is a wonderful yoga instructor.  She has a gentle presence and clear explanations. Her passion for yoga and its benefits is inspiring.  I highly recommend her classes!" - Mia K.

about me

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My name is Marcela. I am a passionate yoga teacher dedicated to helping others transform their lives by teaching them to live in health, strength, joy and balance.

I've been practicing and studying transformational techniques including yoga, meditation, stress release and breath work for over 25 years, living in Mexico, France, UK, Switzerland, Denmark and now USA where I learned from the very best teachers I've met on my path.

At the age of 24, while in a whole new country and looking for new ways to meet people and exercise, I tried yoga for the first time. Little did I know that at that very moment, my life would change for the better. I remember feeling at home – within my own skin – it felt intuitively right. It was not long after that first class, that I noticed how I’d gotten better at handling the challenges of my new life, how I was feeling better physically, and emotionally. I was hooked!

I am dedicated to teaching from a place that creates connection between our noisy, at times stressful, lives and the inner wisdom of the mind, body and breath.

Beach Yoga with Marcela Christjansen
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